Tips From A Lifelong Mover: Making Moving Easy

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Tips From A Lifelong Mover: Making Moving Easy

Growing up in a military family taught me a lot about preparing for and making a successful move. When I married into the military myself, I used a lot of that experience to make things easier for my children. I decided to create this blog to help others learn how to simplify the moving process as well. I hope that my experience and knowledge helps you to understand how to make the move easier for yourself and your family. In addition, I hope it helps you see when it could be beneficial to turn to a professional mover instead of trying to do it yourself.


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Hiring A Local Moving Company For More Than Just Moving

No matter how far you need to go, moving is one of those things that no one really looks forward to. It is just a lot of work and the logistics involved can be hard to work out. For long distance moves, you can hire a moving company but what about if you are moving from one side of town to the other? You might want to consider hiring a local moving company to help you with that too.

Hiring a Local Mover

Most people don't think about it but you can hire a local moving company for short moves in a lot of areas of the country. These companies will come and pick up your belongings after you have packed it all, load it on a truck they provide, and deliver it to your new address for you. The cost is typically lower than that of a larger, national moving company and the service may be better. The movers being local is good as they will be seeking return customers and may go the extra mile to make you happy with your move.

Business Moves

You may want to consider a local moving company for help moving your small business as well. If your business is small and growing, the time will come when you need to move to new offices or facilities. If your business does not have the resources needed to make the move without help, a local moving company can come and move the large items for you or even the entire business. Just be sure to secure sensitive information or data before it is put on the truck. Filing systems should be locked before moving them and computers secured with passwords or even transported personally if you are concerned about the security of the information on them.

Moving New Furnishings

Another great use for a local moving company is to help you move new items home. If you bought a new couch, a washer and dryer set, or maybe a new bedroom set from someone, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to get it home but don't have the resources. Sure you could rent a truck, but what if you need help carrying the items into your home or loading and unloading the truck? A local mover can bring the truck and manpower to get your new items home and they will do the backbreaking labor for you. Just be sure they are insured for this work before you hire them and check their references in the area. In the long run, you might save a few dollars over renting a truck yourself and the convenience of having help with the lifting is worth the cost to many people.

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