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Tips From A Lifelong Mover: Making Moving Easy

Growing up in a military family taught me a lot about preparing for and making a successful move. When I married into the military myself, I used a lot of that experience to make things easier for my children. I decided to create this blog to help others learn how to simplify the moving process as well. I hope that my experience and knowledge helps you to understand how to make the move easier for yourself and your family. In addition, I hope it helps you see when it could be beneficial to turn to a professional mover instead of trying to do it yourself.


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Questions To Ask When Comparing Long-Distance Moving Companies

When you're moving a long distance, it is always a good idea to consult with and get quotes from several different insurance companies. Costs can vary widely between companies, but different moving companies may also offer somewhat different services that make them either more or less ideal for you to hire. Here are a few questions to ask as you talk to different long-distance moving companies.

Are they licensed and certified to work in all the states they'll have to drive across?

Different states have different requirements for moving companies. If you're moving a long distance, there is a good chance your movers will have to drive through several states on the way. Give the moving companies a list of those states, along with the name of the state you're ultimately moving to. Ask them whether they're legally permitted to drive through all of those states and to drop items off at your new state or residence. This question will establish, early on, which moving companies are and are not able to take on your job.

How much insurance do they offer?

Insurance is important with any move, but when you're moving a long distance, your items will be in transport for longer. This translates to an increased risk of something happening, such as a collision. As such, it's important to make sure the moving company you hire offers enough insurance to cover the full value of your items. If they don't include enough insurance by default, are they able to provide additional coverage for an added fee?

When can they guarantee arrival?

Most moving companies will give you a time by which they can guarantee your items are in your new home. They may arrive long before this, but giving you a guaranteed arrival time and date helps you plan for the worst case scenario. Compare the dates and times that various roofing companies provide for you. If one company is able to guarantee their arrival a day or two before other companies, that can make this company a better choice, even if their services cost a bit more. Then again, if you're on a tight budget but not a tight schedule, you might rather pay less for movers who take a little longer.

A long distance move does not have to be a big headache. Ask the questions above when you talk with long distance moving companies, and you'll get a better idea of who you should hire.