Tips From A Lifelong Mover: Making Moving Easy

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Tips From A Lifelong Mover: Making Moving Easy

Growing up in a military family taught me a lot about preparing for and making a successful move. When I married into the military myself, I used a lot of that experience to make things easier for my children. I decided to create this blog to help others learn how to simplify the moving process as well. I hope that my experience and knowledge helps you to understand how to make the move easier for yourself and your family. In addition, I hope it helps you see when it could be beneficial to turn to a professional mover instead of trying to do it yourself.


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Moving To A Smaller Place? Here's How A Self-Storage Unit Can Help

If you are getting ready to move to a new place,  you're likely dreading the actual packing and moving tasks that are forthcoming. Renting a storage unit can help in the process. Here's how.

Get Organized More Easily

One good reason to consider renting a self-storage unit when moving to a smaller place is to make sure that you can easily stay organized throughout the ordeal. Before your move, you can use the storage unit to put boxes once they get packed so that they do not clutter your house up while you work to pack everything else into boxes so it is ready to go to your new place. You can also use the unit to store packing materials so that it's ready to grab whenever you need them. The unit can even be used to keep things that you want to sell at a garage sale or give away to charity so that it won't clutter up your new house.

Make Transitioning Less Stressful

A self-storage unit should also allow you to make the transition from your old home to your new one a little less stressful overall. You don't have to worry about where to keep your wardrobe while your house is a mess because you can set up a makeshift closet in the storage unit and grab things as you need them without having to rummage through boxes or worry about accidentally throwing or packing something away. You can also put everything you don't need to move to your new home right away in the storage unit and then move things in as you unpack so that you can maintain order and optimize convenience.

Maintain Access to Necessary Belongings

Once you move into your new yet smaller home, you might not have enough room to keep all of your belongings without shoving stuff into closets and taking up space unnecessarily in the garage. Renting a self-storage unit is a great way to expand your personal space so that you can keep your stuff organized, accessible, and safe and keep your new home free of clutter. Instead of having to pull boxes out of closets to find something you need, you can simply head over to your storage unit and grab it from inside because you'll know where it is.

There are a variety of different storage types to choose from, including those that are temperature-controlled to keep your clothing, jewelry, artwork, appliances, and other fragile items in good shape during storage. For more information on self-storage, contact a company near you.